RPG Shooter: Starwish

Boss Strategy

These bosses are listed in order of increasing rewards. That does not necessarily imply their order of difficulty, however.

Drone Mothership
A fairly easy boss on all levels. If you haven't noticed yet, it fares poorly at point-blank range. All weapons should prove effective.

On world 3, additional Drones will be created. These drones have more hit points than the standard drone, and are stationary, but they have the same easy-to-dodge bullet.

Mining Ship
Part luck, part dodging. The rotating laser beams may look intimidating, but they inflict fairly low damage. If you have to be hit by the laser, just take the hit.

On world 3, there are significantly more rocks. Because the rocks are likely to absorb hits, consider using Wave, which penetrates enemies.

City Master
Due to the spreading nature of the bullets, you may find it safer to fight closer to the boss, and just weave up and down when you expect the bullets to come. The spawned Mines aren't nearly as much of a threat compared to the large bullets.

On world 3, the City Master will begin fire a new, large homing bullet. This bullet travels slowly, but will follow you no matter you go. It will not fire another one until the previous one hits you. If you are good at dodging the bullet spread, and if you inflict a lot of damage, you can probably just take the homing bullet hit and fire from afar.

Rocket Snail
The eyes will fire rapidly on your position, and are a nuisance. Their health is fairly low, so consider taking them out first.

Alas, on world 3, the eyes have far too much health to be worth killing. You'll have to beat down Rocket Snail with brute force. Move constantly to avoid being hit by the eyes. Your best bet is to use a high damage weapon, such as Crush.

Living Heart
When its eye turns red (like at the start of the battle), it will try to suck you in. There's a convenient safe spot at the top. You can wait for the suction to wear off, then fly in to demolish the eye. There's a safe spot right below the eye's line of sight when it's not sucking you in.

On world 3, it has considerably more suction and a wider bullet spread. There's still a safe spot up top, but not in the corner, so you'll have to move away there. Other than that, same tactics apply.

This boss has no leash! It will continue to move to wherever you are, spawning torpedoes the whole time. The torps hit fairly hard, but they have very little hp. Crush and Sawmines work well due to their multiple-hit abilities.

This boss gains no new abilities on world 3, but the increased water pressure makes it harder to navigate around him. Conisder maxing out all 15 engines. In the likely event you end up behind the boss, Sawmines will give you the most damage, as that weapon can hit behind you at full power.

The Wisp
This sucker moves faster than you do! All the while it will fire bullets on your position, so keep moving. The bullets are just a minor annoyance, however. The real threat is running into the boss itself. Sawmines is particularly effective here because you can fire anywhere and the Wisp will likely hit them eventually due to its wide flight path. So all you have to do is focus on dodging the boss itself, ignoring the bullets.

On world 3, it fires 8-way omnidirectional spreads, but these are just as low threat as the normal bullet. Same tactics basically apply.

Crystal Dragon
This boss is similar to the Drone Mothership, except the whole time it drops stalactites on you.

On world 3, you'll notice right off the bat it will attempt to charge you. Because of its wide girth, you need to prepare to move around it as soon as you think it will charge you. Any long distance weapon is good to use against him, though Charge may suffer from hitting rocks prematurely.

You'll notice a green dot that moves every time you hit it. You can only hit Monolith by aiming for this spot. Staying in the middle is fairly safe. Monolith is particularly vulnerable to Charge, as Charge lets you build up a single, high powered shot, and Monolith itself has relatively low hp. As you won't have this in the first world, you'll have to make do with other weapons such as Spread. If you are using the Charge tactic, consider switching off Missiles or Scatter, as those cause the weak point to move around when they hit.

On world 3, Monolith gains a nasty sword attack. This sword tracks your position, and will suddenly lunge from the right. It is somewhat difficult to dodge by sight, but you can anticipate it as it comes periodically.

Earthwall has but two attacks - those long annoying lasers, and a wide spread of large bullets. You can afford to take hits from lasers, but the large blue bullets inflict considerably more damage and are worth dodging.

Firebolt has a lot of guns. Many of those bullets try to attack your position, so you can inch your way along and many will miss. A few lasers are likely to be unavoidable, but they don't hit too hard. This is mostly a battle of attrition. If you output more damage than the Firebolt, you will win.

Final Boss
This thing has health. A lot of it. This is primarily a battle of endurance and some luck. Some suggestions:

Stack health! Health keeps you alive.

There's a fairly safe spot right below or above the mouth's line of sight.

The rotating lasers and Barrier's homing shots may annoy you, but it is far better to be hit by these than by the large blue bullet spreads.

Consider using a very high level Wave. Wave may not hit terribly hard, but it will go right through any Barriers that spawn. Alternatively, you can use Charge, but Charge gives you minimal attack time in the second attack pattern. If you picked up Long Shot, then Crush and Sawmines may be viable.

At 50% health, the boss will start firing a megabeam. This beam will try to angle to whereever you are, but it won't angle very far. You can still make use of some fairly safe spots right below or above where the beam stops.

If all else fails, go back and redo some stages for some additional funds and levels. Even redoing a stage once (especially a high end stage) will give you a significant boost.