RPG Shooter: Starwish

Stats Guide

In RPG Shooter: Starwish, there are 5 primary stats. These stats in turn affect many secondary stats. Whenever you gain enough experience to move up a level, you are rewarded 5 stat points, and all your base stats increase by 1.

Some secondary stats require that you maintain the maximum primary stat for full effect. Crit%, for example, requires that you maximize your Luck at all times to maintain the 25% critical hit rate.

Here are the 5 Primary stats and what they influence:

Gun% - Offense does one thing and one thing only. Offense improves the damage inflicted by your guns (which includes your Overdrive beam). This does NOT improve your secondary damage.
Should highly be considered. The faster you kill your foes, the less time they have to wale on you. Especially useful for those high-health bosses.

Health% - Increases your health by the percentage noted. The more health you have, the more leeway you have before dying.

Reduction% - Reduction reduces total incoming damage by the specified percentage. This is maxed out at 10%, and you must maintain maximum defense to keep the 10%.

Overdrive% - Improves the rate at which you receive overdrive from all sources. That means from getting hit, inflicting gun damage, and power-ups. If you're the type who likes to save your overdrive only for the boss, this won't be as useful.

Secondary% - Increases the damage dealt by secondary weapons by the percentage indicated. Secondary weapons generally have poor firing rates, but can be improved substantially through skills.

Accuracy% - Reduces how often you "Graze" your target. This is capped at 10%, and requires that you maintain maximized Agility to keep the 10%.

Evade% - This is capped at 10%, and requires that you maintain maximized Agility to keep the 10%.

Speed Save% - Influences how much speed you retain from health loss. This only applies in Hard Mode. When you take health damage, your ship slows down. As you approach 0 health, your speed will approach the Speed Save%. Thus, at 100% Speed Save, you will never slow down.

Shield% - Increases your shield strength by the noted percentage.

Regen - Increases the rate of shield regeneration by the amount per second.

Crit Damage% - Increases the amount of damage inflicted by critical hits by the noted percentage. This is capped at 100%, and requires you maintain maximzed Intelligence.

Experience% - Improves the rate at which you gain experience by the specified amount. Level up faster! More levels means more stats, more experience, and more cash.

Crit% - Increases how often you inflict critical hits by the percentage noted. Different weapons have different natural critical rates.

Item% - Increases how often enemies drop power-ups by the amount indicated. There are 4 power-ups in the game: Exp, Moola, Overdrive, and Shield.

Moola% - Improves the rate at which you gain cash by the specified percentage. More moola means better weapons, and more mods. And by extension, makes qualifying to talk to characters easier.