RPG Shooter: Starwish

Weapons Guide

In Starwish there are 12 weapons in total. Every other day, you'll receive a new weapon up to the end of World 2. There's a hidden weapon you can get in World 3 if you're lucky.

On the day a weapon is introduced, make sure you visit the lab to get your weapon. If you clear a stage before doing that, you miss your free weapon.

Guns include:

Machgun - Your all-purpose pea shooter. Its damage is fairly good, but quickly goes out of style as other weapons become available. There are a couple reasons you may wish to upgrade, however. For one, Tailgun damage is based on your Machgun level, and secondly, when you start a New Game Plus, you are forced back into using Machgun once more.

Spread - In some ways better, in some ways worse than Machgun. Spread outputs more raw damage... if all 4 bullets hit something. The abysmal firing rate will leave you wanting other weapons for single target damage, but for clearing crowds and hitting wide arcs, Spread is good. You get Spread after clearing 2 stages. Because Spread does not fire directly in your path, enemies who try to match your position may avoid the Spread shots.

Laser - A very good weapon to use. Laser spits out a lot of damage to single targets, and the fast beam lets you hit things without wasting time aiming. It's a fine replacement for Machgun, but you'll likely want to get some area-effect weaponry later on. You get Laser after clearing 4 stages.

Crush - Your first, and one of the most powerful crowd clearing weapons. Crush hits anything in the range of its explosion, and in many cases, will hit targets twice if they remain in the explosion long enough. The double-hit nature makes Crush one of the highest single-target damage weapons in the game. However, it also has the second-shortest range in the game.

Sawmines - Sawmines are tricky to use. They have very poor accuracy, but a very high crit rate, along with a very wide damage range. They have roughly the same range as Crush, and don't have the same explosive radius, but they are one of the few weapons that can hit behind you. They are also unimpeded by anything. They hit very hard on stationary targets, such as enemy Barriers and some bosses. Use of Sawmines tends to be situational.

Charge - Charge takes a little practice to get used to. It's tempting to always fire a full charge, but you'll find that many times Charge does much overkill damage. Thus, consider releasing early every now and then. Charge's usefulness lies in the fact that a full charge beam goes through everything. A high level Charge is likely to one-shot waves of low-hp enemies. For this reason, Charge works best against long lines of enemies.

Wave - Wave is a very powerful tool. Even though the damage output, fire rate, and travel speed may be worse than Machgun, its single defining trait - the ability to pierce everything - makes it invaluable. It can even hit long targets more than once. You'll find the piercing trait most useful in stages where enemies hide behind terrain, which occurs a lot in world 3.

Chain - The ultimate in crowd-clearing. This hits everything within a short radius around your ship. The damage looks deceptively low, but it auto-hits everything within range with a good fire rate and no possibility of grazing. At high levels, this will clear everything quite well. However, due to its poor range, this may be the worst weapon to use against any boss. If you're wondering why it still feels poor even with the highest level you can afford, chances are you do not have high Offense. At character level 60, you could very well be outputting 40% less damage than a build with maxed Offense!

Secondary weapons include:

Bomb - Bombs will help you all throughout the game (except on bosses, generally). Many rapid-fire enemies like to hide in locations that normal guns can't reach, but bombs can. These enemies also tend to have low hp, so a single bomb is normally enough to nail them. The most important aspect of Bomb is that it goes through terrain. This makes it easier to hit enemies who try to hide behind terrain advantages.

V-Bomb - V-Bomb is useful in fire-and-forget forward spreads. Particularly useful for hitting enemies above you early on, where your bombs or gun can't reach due to crevices.

Missile - A direct forward firing weapon, and does respectable damage. Generally you'll want to use Missile whenever you don't need Bomb.

Scatter - You may be asking what significant advantage Scatter has over Missile. Scatter has considerably wider arcs, though you can't control them. Because of the wide arcs, they also swing wider behind your ship, which can be used to hit things directly behind you. The most interesting part of Scatter lies with the Demolition skill. You end up with 4 missiles firing forward, a good deal.