RPG Shooter: Starwish

Enemy List

Enemy List

The Federation military employs many drones to do their work for them. Fortunately, salvaging their scrap parts is quite easy, and helps to fund your pirate ways. The values given below reflect their stats on World 1. With each passing world, they become that much stronger. Their relative threat levels remain the same throughout.

Name HP Exp Cash Collision Bullet Notes
Drone 100 50 $100 200 Normal The most basic enemy. They fly in a straight line, and only fire straight ahead of themselves.
Sentry 100 100 $200 200 Homing Sentries should be among the top of your kill list. They have low hit points, but output a significant number of homing bullets. They have a tendency to hide in terrain. Bombs are best used to clear them until later on.
Attacker 500 250 $500 200 3-Homing They try to move out of your line of sight. They are not especially dangerous, just more of a nuisance.
Barrier 3000 500 $1000 1000 Homing Largely harmless, but very annoying for the amount of damage they absorb. Their only attack is a single modest homing bullet. Barriers generally serve to protect whatever is behind them.
Beamer 200 125 $250 200 Laser They try to lock onto your position, and fire a boss-caliber laser. They have fairly slow firing rates, so you are quite likely to kill them before they can fire one off.
Cruiser 1000 300 $600 500 3 Homing + 2 Normal Fairly threatening. They have lots of hp, and spray many bullets. Fortunately they don't move, but that's usually because they are hiding behind a barrier.
Defender 2500 400 $800 1000 Laser Very high hp with an annoying laser, and will try to match your position.
Flitter 100 60 $120 200 Homing Much like swerves, these are low threat. Their circular flight pattern may make them harder to hit, though.
Mine 200 100 $200 200 8-Normal Mines explode into 8-way bullets upon death. The bullets are slow-moving, and relatively easy to dodge, but beware masses of mine fields.
Missile 100 150 $300 300 Homing Fairly threatening. Oftentimes, you may notice a missile too late and it has already collided with you. Because of their thin bodies, many guns have trouble hitting them.
Pike 200 40 $80 300 Low threat, but they often come in numbers.
Rock 500 50 $100 500 They just sit there and do nothing, but the last thing you want to do is run into them. Sometimes you have to clear them out.
Rocket 150 100 $200 300 Homing Similar to missiles, they may have collided into you before you knew it. They have a bit more health too, so are trickier to kill. Chain works great on them, as that weapon can damage missiles while they're still slowly accelerating.
Spike 200 25 $50 300 Spikes fall from the ceiling. They don't fall too fast, but they tend to come in numbers. Collision damage is moderate, so try not to take too many hits.
Swerve 100 60 $120 200 Homing Similar to flitter, these are easy to kill and low threat.
Attack Types:

Normal - DMG: 65-75. Normal bullets fly in a straight line from their point of origin. They travel slowly and are easy to dodge.

Homing - DMG: 65-75. These bullets home in on your position. Some enemies can spray multiple bullets near your position as well.

Laser - DMG: 100-120. Lasers travel in a straight line and take a while to dissipate. If you need to move to a better position and a laser is in the way, you should generally take the hit.

Large Bullet - DMG: 200. These are large, and travel quickly. They inflict grievous harm, so don't take too many hits from them.

Rotation Laser - DMG: 100-120. Rotation lasers appear suddenly and begin to rotate. Sometimes you just can't dodge them.

Homing Sphere - DMG: 195-205. The Sphere is exclusive to City Master in the third world.

Sword - DMG: 200. Sword is exclusive to Monolith in the third world.

Megabeam - DMG: 200. This beam is exlusive to ????.